About Copseye

Cops eye, a criminal detector application focus on Tracking & Recognition of criminals using unique non-traditional hybrid approach ensuring light computing with high accuracy and performance.It is a next generation surveillance system integrated with AI technology and machine learning algorithms to recognize face. These systems can be applied in crowd analysis and criminal detection.Copseye application can be operate from the smartphones, the system will recognize people in real time at significant distances even in uncontrolled environments.

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Why Choose CopsEye

Innovation investigation

Copseye brings unique image investigation features to face recognition product for law enforcement. They can find criminal persons quickly and narrow down suspect investigations.

AI Technology

Our algorithmic approach is unique involving non-traditional hybrid approach ensuring light computing with high accuracy and performance.

Universal Compatibility

Broad Industry Usage with the ability to develop an unlimited number of realistic use cases that will work well in complex real-life situations including uncontrolled and crowded scenarios.

Geo Cops

A revolutionary application which tracks user’s location and sends the details to control room of the police department in any case of misconducts. This application allows to make SOS calls, file e-complaint, update traffic status and any misconducts around their environment.


Kaveri Kavalan App has launched by Geomeo informatics in Trichy

‘Kaveri Kavalan’ App in Tiruchy to enable public-police interaction

Launching the app, Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of police (Tiruchy Range) V Balakrishnan said, the app will facilitate people to get in touch with the police personnel of their respective jurisdiction and get quick response. It has several facilities, including Locked Home Monitoring System through which the residents can inform the police of their movements. The users will be mandatorily using their personal details, including their names, e-mail IDs and mobile numbers while registering.

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Kaveri Kavalan App has launched by Geomeo informatics in Trichy

Now, tap ‘Kaveri Kavalan’ app to lodge a complaint

The Tiruchi Rural Police have launched a mobile application christened ‘Kaveri Kavalan’ to enable public lodge complaints and pass on information making use of the facility without having to visit the police station. The app could also be used by the public to convey information to the police if they were to go out of station keeping their house locked.

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Geomeo informatics-Copseye-app-launch-program

Check on used mobiles, vehicles gets easier

From now on, doubts of courting trouble by inadvertently buying second-hand a stolen bike or mobile phone can be cleared in a few seconds, thanks to the efforts of Madurai Rural District police, who have provided a facility for online checking of stolen two-wheelers and mobile phones that are registered with them.

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Investor Corner

Our startup mainly focusing on making a great revolution in the industry. If anyone wants to join hands with us via investing in our startup we always welcome.